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With dozens of Chapters internationally, you have the opportunity to meet with other members in your area and network with others within the cleaning industry around the globe. makes it easy to network with your peers through IEHA Unify, a social networking tool, focused on individuals involved in facility management, that allows you discover persons who share your challenges, communicate with other members, exchange tips and useful info, and much more.



Education is the top priority at IEHA

  • IEHA’s Professional Education Credentialing Programs - to gain certification or continue your education. The two special credentials offered, RESE [Registered Environmental Services Executive] and CESE [Certified Environmental Services Executive], are a prerequisite for many industry positions.
  • IEHA’s Frontline Program - to help managers train their staff
  • Certified and Registered Executive Housekeeper designations
  • IEHA’s sponsored seminars and workshops
  • Continuing education articles, videos and on-line training
  • Scholarships - available on an annual basis
  • Monthly Educational Opportunities for career growth/advancement

To learn more about IEHA's educational programs, please click here.

Educational Conference & Convention


IEHA holds an international Convention in conjunction with ISSA Show North America annually. By attending our Convention you will have the chance to see the newest innovations within the cleaning industry, attend insightful seminars, and network with thousands in the cleaning industry.

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  • Hotline

    Online Member Assistance

    Have a question about a particular product or issue you’re experiencing at your facility? Ask your fellow members for assistance in our online social networking IEHA Unify!

  • Discount


    IEHA offers great member discounts on resource books and videos through our online store, our highly-acclaimed Self-Study Program, and Green Seal’s GS-42—a standard for cleaning services that utilize sustainable products, practices, and equipment. Download the GS-42 Overview for more information.

  • resources

    Resources Galore!

    With hundreds of books, videos, and consultants at your fingertips, IEHA is the single source for all you could ever want to know about managing and cleaning in any facility type.

  • Business

    Career Opportunities

    Members are eligible to receive a confidential newsletter weekly that contains job openings submitted to IEHA by companies both domestic and foreign, as well as peruse job listings online.

  • Career

    Professional Development

    IEHA offers opportunities to assume leadership roles at the chapter and association levels.

  • IHW

    International Housekeepers Week

    IEHA’s annual event to celebrate the importance of the housekeeping profession. Recognized as the second full week in September, but can be celebrated at your facility’s convenience.

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  • Michael Dumas

    Project Manager
    Goodwill Industries

    “Being an IEHA member has truly afforded me many opportunities to meet very knowledgeable executives operating large and small facilities. IEHA has helped me to learn the technical side of the very important and rewarding work we do daily, maintaining the cleanliness all types of facilities. As a member of IEHA Peach State Chapter, I am now working on my IEHA Certification. Not only has this process been very educational, it will make me more marketable in the work place, and I now feel that I have a career, not just a job.”

  • Alan Bigger, RESE

    Director of Facilities
    Earlham College
    Richmond, Indiana

    “I have been a member of IEHA for over 20 years. Thanks to IEHA, I have learned the technical aspects of housekeeping so that I could perform (and keep) my jobs; received the CESE and RESE designations, which enabled me to be promoted and to move to different organizations on a career path that would not have been possible without IEHA; have been exposed to an incredible body of knowledge through IEHA-sponsored events and publications; and have had awesome networking experiences—thanks to IEHA, I have friends around the world, and a network of professionals that can provide me advice. There seems to be a direct correlation between IEHA certification/registration and career advancement (with subsequent salary increases). I started off as a supervisor and then, thanks to IEHA, I was able to move from supervisor to assistant superintendent to manager of a section, then to a director of a very large department, and more recently, director of an entire division, all due in a large part to IEHA. One can honestly say that I would not be where I am today, nor my career paths as fulfilling as it has been, without IEHA.”

  • Jimmie Green

    Environmental Supervisor
    Savannah/HiltonHead International Airport

    “IEHA has done so much for me, it is really hard to pinpoint one area, but I can truly say I have learned so much through seminars and stories printed in the great IEHA magazine, Executive Housekeeping Today. IEHA has changed my whole outlook on the management side of environmental and housekeeping services. I have cut my total budget in half and my retention rate is 100% better. It is one organization I would encourage all companies that are looking to save money to join. You will increase your bottom line by 50%.”

  • J. Darrel Hicks, RESE

    Past President, IEHA
    Environmental/Patient Transportation Services Director
    St. Luke's Hospital

    “When I joined the Association in 1989, I was searching for a group of professionals that could meet my need for education, networking, and fresh ideas. Since joining, I have held offices at the Chapter, District, and Association levels.  Most recently, I was honored to serve as President of IEHA. Along the way, I have learned to adapt to the changing landscape at every level. I am a more complete, informed, and better leader because I have had IEHA as a partner. The old axiom, "You get out of it what you put into it", is true of IEHA. The time I have invested has yielded friendships with people I have grown to love and respect; training; education; networking; fresh ideas for old problems; and professional recognition as a Registered Executive Housekeeper.”

  • Sam Montross

    Cadence Keen Innovations

    “To develop the best innovative solutions, suppliers need industry feedback.  How lucky executive housekeepers are to have visionary leaders within IEHA to steer solutions to specifically address their needs. The past and present President of IEHA, as well as the CEO, all contributed valuable support while we were developing our latest patented innovation. Their insight and feedback encouraged a modified design to ensure maximum benefit animatedParent for the housekeeper while staying cost efficient. Thank you IEHA!

  • Gene Woodard, CESE

    Past President, IEHA
    Director of Facilities Services
    Custodial Division
    University of Washington

    “As a newly promoted Director of Environmental Services in a large hospital long ago, I was totally reliant upon the local Chapter to learn the business of leading an Environmental Services Department. Now, approximately 30 years later, my thinking has hardly changed; I am still relying on my network of Chapter members for support and ongoing education. I can say with confidence that IEHA remains my primary source of ongoing education and industry information. Of course, I have grown in my profession, and during this period of improvement (which I am still in), I have attempted to repay IEHA for its support and contribution to my career success by serving in leadership positions. I have held nearly every leadership position in IEHA, including President.  This has brought positive recognition and a sense of accomplishment to me personally and to my University.  But more importantly by serving in leadership, I have had the opportunity to develop my communication and leadership skills.  My ascension within IEHA has paralleled my ascension and career growth.  For this I am truly grateful to IEHA.”

  • Norred Poindexter, RESE

    Tidewater Community College

    “IEHA has opened a new world for me. It is an excellent arena for knowledge and networking. IEHA is a place of professionalism and is surrounded by experts throughout the industry.

  • George Price

    Houston Texas Chapter

    “After spending 40 years in the cleaning profession, IEHA has allowed me to meet and work with hundreds of people in the same profession. Watching IEHA grow over these years has shown myself and others that they are the future of all interested in the cleaning profession. I teach Cleanology ( The study of cleaning) to our employees, so they have the opportunity to become a professional in this great organization. IEHA has put all of us ahead in this century. Thank you!”

  • Martha Ann, RESE


    “IEHA networking (chapter to national level) has been value throughout the years.  Members have been helpful by answering my questions, giving support, and presenting me with new ideas and techniques. Many of the educational programs provided by the chapter and national level have been on the cutting edge.

  • Egodage Dakshina Ramesh

    Sri Lanka

    “The IEHA educational program has assisted me in many ways and given me the confidence to move forward. The knowledge gained has been immense and it has also given me the upward move in my career goals. I would recommend the IEHA educational program to any potential students who want to benefit animatedParent in this field.”

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