(CESS and Healthy Hospital and Hotel Certification)

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(CESS and Healthy Hospital and Hotel Certification)

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(CESS and Healthy Hospital and Hotel Certification)

The (CESS / HHH) offers a certification for environmental services or housekeeping frontline workers and management teams to help them:

  • Learn cleaning techniques
  • Achieve quality

Validate your role by providing clean and healthy environment for staff and guests.

IEHA is proud to launch the Healthy Hospital and Hotel Housekeeping (HHH) Certification. This program expands, updates, and validates the expertise of those individuals leading and managing Environmental Services as well as the heart of the EVS or Housekeeping teams the Lead and Frontline Associates.  IEHA’s certifications will expand the knowledge of one of the most important teams in any healthcare or hospitality setting and whose role is providing clean and healthy hospitals or hotels for the well-being of staff, patients, guests, and visitors.   This is a required course for all participants seeking the CESE or RESE designation.  If a particpant has a masters degree or higher from a University they will be exempt from the CESS course. 


HHH Certification covers multiple facets of environmental services or housekeeping such as:

Management Principles and Practices

Cleaning for Health (Removal, Containment, Electrostatics, UV-C, More)

Green Cleaning (Chemicals, Processes)


Pest Control

Hygienic Cleaning (e.g., COVID-19 Prevention)

Sustainability (People, Planet, Profit—and Performance)

Metrics (Integrated Cleaning and Measurement or ICM)


Motion Economy

Work loading

Continual Improvement strategies (In Partnership with the W. Edwards Deming Institute)

Guest and Customer Satisfaction


Who should enroll?  

  1. Directors of Environmental Services or Housekeeping
  2. Project Managers, Managers or Supervisors in the EVS or Housekeeping Industry
  3. Team Leads in the EVS or Housekeeping
  4. Frontline Associates 

This certification will help you validate your expertise as a cleaning professional while ensuring a healthy environment for building occupants.


To successfully pass the online quizzes and final exam will require a score of 80% or higher to earn the CESS or HHH designation.


Affordable: $299.00 for members or $269.00 with 10 or more students.  The cost for non-members is $399.00 or $369.00 for 10 more students which includes a complimentary short term membership.  To take the additional Hospitality or Healthcare track(s) add $100 additional per track.    Management cost per participants for members is $599 per member or $899 for non members and includes a complimentary short term membership.


Conveniently taught as follows:  1-day instructor-led training course which is taught virtually. The course is available as a self paced course via online through IEHA's Learning Management System (LMS).  Training is also available as a 1 or 2 day instructor led course onsite at a facility of your choice by an IEHA certified trainer. Instructor fee's will apply for more information please contact the Association Office at 847-982-0800;1377 or 1385.   


The prerequisite to taking the Professional Education Credentialing Program is completion of the (CESS) course. It's required to prepare you for the PECP courses. 

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