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IEHA’s Association Office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.


Call toll free: (800) 200-6342 or (614) 895-7166


Fax: (614) 895-1248


E-mail: excel@ieha.org


IEHA, 1001 Eastwind Drive, Suite 301

Westerville, Ohio 43081-3361


IEHA is a 3,500-plus professional member organization for persons employed in facility housekeeping at the management level. The organization was founded in 1930 in New York City, and is now located in Westerville, Ohio, a suburb of the state’s capitol, Columbus. Executive Housekeepers are managers who direct housekeeping programs in commercial, industrial or institutional facilities. They supervise staffs ranging from a few to several hundred people and handle budgets from a few thousand dollars to millions. IEHA provides members with an array of channels through which they can achieve personal and professional growth. Some are: leadership opportunities; resource materials; education program designation; employment referral service; a Technical question Hotline (1-800-200-6342); networking; an annual convention and trade show including several education sessions; and a bimonthly electronic (green) trade publication, Executive Housekeeping Today.


IEHA Association Office Staff

  • Chapter/Member/Education Services — Jody Thomas, Bailey Goble

IEHA Officers and Directors

  • President — Michael Patterson, REH (2-year term) [2015-2018]
  • President-Elect — Lorrie Tripp, CEH (2-year term) [2016-2018]
  • Secretary-Treasurer -- Wanda Joyce, CEH (2-year term) [2016-2018]
  • Director-at-Large — Gonzalo Cazares-Valles, CEH (4-year term) [2016-2020] Chapters: Mountain Laurel, NY-Penn, Philadelphia, Puget Sound, Tri-Y and Central New York
  • Director-at-Large — Isaac Johnson, REH (4-year term) [2016-2020]  Chapters: Chicago, Cleveland, Greater Miami Valley, Indiana, Michigan and Northern Indiana
  • Director-at-Large — Madeline Chang, REH (4-year term) [2014-2018] Chapters: Hawaii, Houston, Las Vegas, Maui, Northern California and International
  • Director-at-Large — David Crowell, REH (4-year term) [2014-2018] Chapters: Arkansas, Natchez Trace, North East, Piedmont Carolina, Sonoran Desert and Vertmont
  • Director-at-Large — Zainudeen Popoola, REH (4-year term) [2014-2018] Chapters: Cornhusker, Minnesota, Northern Louisiana, Oklahoma, Packer Valley, Spirit of Lincoln and Tri-State-Capitol Hill
  • Director-at-Large — Arthur Coleman, CEH (4-year term) [2016-2020] Chapters: Florida Intercoastal, Georgia Coastal, Peach State, Sara-Bay and Tar Heel
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