CESE (Certified Environmental Services Executive)

CESE (Certified Environmental Services Executive)

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CESE (Certified Environmental Services Executive)

The Certified Environmental Services Executive designation may be attained by members or nonmembers by successfully completing the full 16 modules contained within IEHA's PECP program. Candidates can take the PECP program online non instructor-led or onsite with an IEHA certified instructor.



What is the PECP?

IEHA’s Professional Education Credentialing Program (PECP), the top credentialing and certification program for professional cleaners. Individuals who participate in the PECP will be able to immediately apply newly learned skills, ask questions, reference real world examples and institute proven best practices. This has a positive outcome for the individual, their peers and the facilities they represent. The PECP course helps participants to learn strategies for effective communication and management and understand the science behind cleaning. 


Registration Cost

$1,599.00 (Online Non-Member Price) (Online Member Price) $1,499.00

$1,895.00 (Onsite/Virtual Non-Member Price)  (Onsite/Virtual Member Price) $1,795.00


Candidates must also supply a copy of high school diploma, or equivalent prior to scheduling their 75-100 question online comprehensive proctored exam or 115-question proctored exam if taken in an onsite or virtual boot camp format.  If you have a GED, High School Diploma, Associates or Bachelors Degree you will need to complete the CESS Course as a prerequisite at $299.00.  Once enrolled, CESE candidates have 365 days to complete the program online, or are assessed an addition $225 fee. In addition, should you not successfully pass your final exam with a score of 80% or higher, there is a 30-day wait period before you can retake final exam along with the assessed fees mentioned above.  PECP candidates will not be provided with incorrect responses from failed exams. 

Renewal and Maintenance Requirements: Individuals who hold the designation of CESE are required to pay yearly CESE membership dues AND are required to physically renew their designation annually on or before May 31st of each  year.  CESE members have the option of renewing their designation by submitting 15 hours of continuing education or electing to retake the online proctored exam. If at any time a CESE member's dues lapse, or they do not renew their designation by CEU submittal or testing, regardless of paying the appropriate yearly dues, their designation is no longer valid. To reinstate the designation, CESE candidates must submit a reinstatement fee of $699 along with any additional applicable renewal requirements that previously were not met. For more detailed designation requirements please contact IEHA association office to speak with a representative.

  • Yearly renewal of their IEHA membership at the CESE designation holder rate of $219
  • Renewal of the actual designation is required annually. Designation holders have the option of submitting 15-hours of CEUs or completing an online proctored exam.  
  • PECP participants that do not hold a masters degree from a university will be required to take an IEHA required prerequiste course before taking the course online, onsite or virtually.


For registration details and onsite Boot Camp locations please contact IEHA at 630-506-6771.


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