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July/August 2016

Two Generations of the Parker Family Leave Their Mark on the Cleaning Industry

Recent Articles

What’s New in the World of Disinfection?

From no-touch disinfection systems to engineered water, several new technologies are available to help combat hospital acquired infections. Author Darrel Hicks helps make sure you're up to speed on what's available.

Ask IICRC: What’s the Best Way to Clean My Area Rug? 

Do you have any unique area rugs in your facility that you're required to maintain? Experts from the IICRC weigh in on how to best maintain them and why you might want to consider a professional rug cleaner for deep cleanings.

Change Is the Only Constant 

Need to make a quick, informed decision? Employing an adaptive action process can help you reason through the question and make the best choice.

Using Change Management Principles to Improve Morale Amongst Custodial Workers

Too often, the morale in a housekeeping or environmental services department can be downright depressing. Gloria Strauthers shares her experience using change management principles to develop an engaged and productive team.

Preparation, Practice Help Hospitality and Event Staff Stay Safe

If there was an active shooter on your property, would your staff respond according to a prepared action plan? Learn how to develop an emergency response plan that prepares your employees for the unexpected.

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