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March/April 2017

Leading in Learning: Edward Smith III

Recent Articles

Networking: Tips for Going Beyond the Business Card and Improving the Way You Approach Networking 

Effective networking requires more than a business card and a handshake. IEHA member Gloria Strauthers offers some great tips on how to go from an introduction to a meaningful contact.

The Science of Carpet Cleaning: How Often Should Carpet Be Cleaned?

When it comes to carpet cleaning—more importantly, effective carpet cleaning that prolongs the life of carpets—understanding the science behind the process goes a long way.

Speaking Up: How to Find Your Voice in Leadership

When you are new to managing, one of the toughest things to get under control is your own nerves. In his grand return as an EHT columnist, Ralph offers some great tips to going from a "super-worker" to a "super-visor." Welcome back, Ralph!

Laundry Technology Overview

An overview of some of the laundry innovations available, and how they can help your facility save.

Raising the Bar: How Certification Transformed the Custodial Services Department at the University of Vermont

The custodial department at the University of Vermont used IEHA's PECP program to invigorate its team - and saw incredible results through the process.

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