Upcoming Event


Environmental Services Week / International Housekeepers Week


When:  September 8th - 14th, 2024

Held every year during the second full week of September, Environmental Services Week (EVSW)/International Housekeepers Week (IHW) is a week dedicated to recognizing the efforts of hard-working custodial staff members. The true heroes of any building operation, cleaning employees have one of the toughest jobs in a building, but also one of the most important. Buildings that aren't properly cleaned can lead to illness and productivity loss for the people who visit, eat, live, work and play there.


IEHA is the official sponsor of EVSW / IHW since its founding in 1981. We had no idea what a huge event this would become! Today, EVSW / IHW is celebrated globally in thousands of facilities from Dubai to Hong Kong, Houston to Dublin. How you celebrate the event is up to you - it can be just a day of fun activity dedicated to recognizing your staff, or a whole week of activity that culminates into a large ceremony where individuals throughout the entire business take a minute to thank cleaners for a job well done.

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