Upcoming Boot Camp


IEHA 2024 Masters Level Leadership Boot Camp (MESRE/MESCE)

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When:  November 17th - 19th, 2024

2:00 pm (Eastern)

Time: Begins on 11/17/24 - Times to be determined.  The cohort will meet daily as required.

Requires:  The purchase of IEHAs Red Carpet VIP Package:


Just as a master's degree is an academic recognition granted to persons that have undergone a course of study showing mastery of a specific field of professional practice or study, IEHA's Master's Program is for certified members committed to continuous improvement and promoting professionalism in the cleaning industry.

The Master Program course also includes IEHA Sustainability Professional (SP) Credential: to assist members in defining and expanding their role as sustainability practitioners and Deming Principles Leadership Program: to assist members with continuous improvement.

Must be a current member and hold the CESE or RESE designation before enrolling in the 4.5 day course. Additional requirements must be met before enrolling. Please contact the Association Office at 630-506-6770 to apply.


Contact us for more info or to register.

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