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IEHA is a global organization with members all over the world. This is largely due to our expanding resources that we're making available online, including our digital magazine, online education curriculum and digital member forum. 

We continue to grow with the help of promotions from allied associations in other regions throughout the world. Thank you all for your continued support!

United Kingdom Housekeepers Association (UKHA) 

The UKHA is now the largest Housekeepers Association in Europe, and is the platform to share knowledge, develop and support each other. Today, the UKHA is a nationally recognised Association. We still hold our original objectives as our passion, they are the same, but we have moved with the times, and we are now also assisting, developing and profiling the Housekeeping Managers. We are one of the front runners of Associations which represent hotel and catering professionals, and we are the sole organisation in the United Kingdom, representing Housekeeping and Accommodation Management.

Professional Housekeepers Association - India

Professional Housekeepers Association (PHA) was founded under the guidance & leadership of Mrs. Jayashree Nagaraj who is currently the Founder President & chairman of the association, along with a group of like-minded enthusiastic professional Housekeepers in Bangalore on 16th February 2015. PHA is a national body which is the guiding force to the chapters in all states. The first chapter has come into force in Bengaluru representing Karnataka with a Board comprising of a President and 9 board members is actively functioning. (The board which was functioning most popularly under Southern Housekeepers Club since October 11th 2012 is redefined as Professional Housekeepers Association) Similar chapters in others states are being replicated widening the reach for the Housekeeping fraternity to benefit.

PHA is a non profit organisation which provides a platform to Housekeeping professionals from hospitality, retail, facility management, healthcare, engineering industry, public areas, Educational institutions , training institutes and governing bodies who share their experiences, and best practices; highlight the industry’s immediate requirement. PHA envisages establishing and implementing an effective and efficient structured programme in all aspects of Housekeeping service and covering all types of business facilities.

(ASEGO) Asociación Española de Gobernantas de Hotel y Otras Entidades - Spain

We are a professional organization of national scope created with the objective of defending the rights and functions of our associates in the development of their profession, be it in hotels, residences, embassies, public administrations or private addresses. We maintain very good relations of dialogue and collaboration with Public Administrations and other trade union, professional or business organizations.European Housekeepers Association

Housekeepers Association of Southern Africa

The Housekeepers association of Southern Africa was founded in 1994. Our association is a non-profit organization incorporated under section 21 of the companies act. Our primary objectives are to assist in the training, educating and development of Housekeepers for all industries. We acknowledge that a critical shortage exists for professional Housekeepers in South Africa and our aim is to assist industry to identify and close the gaps.

We are supported by major hotel groups, suppliers to the industry, individually owned hotels, lodges, clubs and other smaller businesses. Our members, housekeepers and suppliers, meet on a regular basis with the objective to network and share ideas.

Ontario Healthcare Housekeepers’ Association - Ontario, Canada

The Ontario Healthcare Housekeepers’ Association Inc. (OHHA) was formed in 1957, when housekeeping personnel gathered at the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) Annual Convention and formed an association of healthcare housekeepers. This group was dedicated to the advancement of healthcare housekeeping as an integral member of the healthcare team caring for patients and residents in healthcare facilities in Ontario. The OHHA has advanced that prime directive with providing opportunities for housekeeping management staff, lead hands, and those frontline staff looking to upgrade their qualifications as professionals through:

Canadian Association of Environmental Management (formerly the Canadian Administration Housekeeping Association) - Canada

The Canadian Association of Environmental Management (C.A.E.M) is national association of managers, supervisors, self-employed people, corporate and associate members involved in the environmental services field. The association's principal functions are to promote the professional growth and development of its members and to encourage and assist managers in improving upon the existing environmental services provided to their facility and clients.

Professional Executive Housekeepers Network - Australia

P.E.H.N. is a non profit Incorporated Association and members comprise Executive Housekeepers, Assistant Housekeepers, Senior Supervisors, Housekeeping Attendants and Associate Members who are suppliers to the hospitality industry and have a particular affinity with Housekeeping. Our members come from far and wide.

The History of P.E.H.N.

The P.E.H.N. (Vic) was the very first Executive Housekeepers’ Network to be formed in Australia and for some years prior to its official formation, some of Melbourne’s hotel Executive Housekeepers used to meet informally over a glass of champagne a few times a year to exchange ideas about issues such as laundries, room attendants’ trollies, chemicals and staff management, by visiting and touring each others’ properties after hours. These meetings formed the basis for networking with others who had similar problems and issues in the workplace. Whilst friendly competition existed, friendships and bonds were forged.

Feeling the need to be represented in the hospitality industry, a few dedicated members met during long winter evenings and planned the launch of The Professional Executive Housekeepers’ Network (Vic) or The P.E.H.N. as we are affectionately known. The founding committee each donated their $50 membership fee to buy food and drink and on the 24th June 1996, P.E.H.N. was launched at the Windsor Hotel, Melbourne. Attendance was by invitation only and the evening whilst not lavish, was a great success.


Housekeeping Organizations Around the Globe:  Published on January 30th, 2017.  Last Modified on March 4th, 2017

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A Great Educational Article. It was interesting to also note Canada's name change from Administrative Housekeeping to Environmental Management.
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