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IEHA's Conference & Convention!

IEHA's 47th Conference & Convention in Las Vegas!

IEHA's 47th Convention & Conference in Las Vegas!
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April 2014

April 2014

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Looks Aren't Everything: The Real Value of Clean with Karin Wysocki


What's more important, appearance and cost or the health and well-being of a building's occupants? In this week's Educational Quick Clip, Karin Wysocki explains why it's time to talk about the real value of clean.

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Tornado® CV 30 Vacuum

Courtesy of Tornado®

Watch the Tornado® CV 30 Vacuum in action!  Designed with input from some of the world's largest consumers of upright vacuums, the CV 30 Vacuum is truly in a class by itself.  Uncompromising TRUE HEPA filtration is present in the high efficiency three stage filter system. The unit comes standard with this demanding level of filtration and was designed specifically to meet or exceed most worldwide indoor air quality standards. All CV's come standard with soft rubber bumpers, on board tools, a protected hose and cord assembly, a simple to use height adjustment and specially engineered shock absorbing wheels.  Visit to learn more today. 



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CILS Development Committee Forming – Welcomes Early Volunteers

The IEHA Cleaning Industry Leadership Standard (CILS) Consensus Committee is pleased to welcome early volunteers for the CILS Consensus Group that will be responsible for developing CILS Version 1.0.

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IEHA CILS Development Committee Forming – CILS Consensus Committee Chair Issues Leadership Glossary

The IEHA Cleaning Industry Leadership Standard (CILS) Consensus Committee Chair, Allen Rathey, is accepting volunteers for the CILS Consensus Development Committee which will be responsible for developing CILS Version 1.0.


The Vail Leadership Institute —

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ISSA Introduces Mobile Game for Cleaning Industry

ISSA, the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, has launched a new mobile game for the cleaning industry:

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IEHA Announces Development of The Cleaning Industry Leadership Standard (CILS) - consensus committee forming in 2014

IEHA is proud to announce the development of the Cleaning Industry Leadership Standard (CILS) (pronounced “Sils”) containing specifications and standards for leadership in the cleaning industry.
“Great leadership is the driving force that enables efficient management,”

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The Housekeeping Channel (HC) Supports the IEHA Media Assistance Program (IMAP)

The Housekeeping Channel ( has announced its support of the IEHA Media Assistance Program (IMAP) which aims to make, in time, all 3,200 IEHA members Press hub Delegates (PhDs).


"The Housekeeping Channel values the treasure trove of housekeeping expertise possessed by IEHA's 3,200 members, and with the cooperation of the nonprofit IEHA, is eager to tap this resource to help both the trade and consumer media," said Allen Rathey, Founder of The Housekeeping Channel.


"We know from internal discussions that IEHA members strongly desire to apply their 'IEHA Education' to meet the public’s need for factual information, provide information to the press, and receive recognition and coverage," said Beth Risinger, CEO and Executive Director of IEHA.

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