Mar 8th 2017

Huntsville City Schools Successfully Completes IEHA’s Frontline Training Program

Congratulations to the 38 managers who work in the Huntsville City School System in Huntsville, Alabama, who went through IEHA's Frontline Program and became Frontline Associates! Thank you for your commitment to the students in your buildings and the cleaning profession! 


The newly appointed group included the following: Henry Avanrenren, Linda Biggs, Mark Bufford, Jessie Caudle, Robin Conn, Eric Duffy, Kimberly Ferguson, Steve Haga, Renee Hammonds, Stephon Hussey, Corey Jones, Latina Patton, Mendell Jones, Darrius King, Russell King, Dervent Largie, Wanda Lightfoot, Brenda Logan, Olivia Luqman, Darius Malone, Margaret Martin, Renee Mills, Ellie Moore, Darlene Pullen, Vanessa Reed, Jevons Robert, Marlo Sefton, Patty Smith, James Stewart, India Stovall, Recora Sumerall, OC Thompson, Travis Timmons, Freddie Turner, Nakia Vance, Kevin Wilson, Ricky Whitt and Maria Zapata.


Frontline Huntsville.jpg


We'd also like to extend our congratulations to the directors and administration of the Huntsville City School system who recognized the value of IEHA's Frontline Program and invested in the future of their employees and schools!



frontline huntsville 2.jpg

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