Jul 18th 2016

Eight University of Nebraska-Lincoln Facilities Staff Graduate Boot Camp

IEHA graduated eight individuals from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) over the past weekend during its fifth stop on the 2016 Boot Camp Road Show. This is the largest number of graduates from a single educational institution to successfully earn their Certification through the Boot Camp program.


“We had a great group of participants who were well prepared and possessed a good understanding of the curriculum,” said IEHA President Michael Patterson and class instructor. “We were pleased to see all of them successfully complete their exam and earn their Certification. UNL is fortunate to have such passionate and driven individuals on their team.”


The following UNL employees successfully graduated the Boot Camp session to earn their Certification:


1.       Estelle DeJonge,CEH

2.       Jolene Deinert, REH

3.       Ue-Bari Ue-Bar, REH

4.       Brian Lubker, REH

5.       Chad Gieseke, REH

6.       Donna Martins, REH

7.       Tracy Murray, REH

8.       Elizabeth Marks, REH


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