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IEHA Boot Camp Road Show 2021:


Who should attend:

Individuals responsible for managing and directing cleaning and facility management activities in a commercial setting, including hotels, hospitals, schools and retail establishments.


If you’re looking to get your certification, the Boot Camp is the way to go,” said recent Boot Camp attendee Harold Rhoney, CEH. “The instructors do a great job of helping you better understand the materials and the whole process really just helps take the edge off the testing process. I would recommend it to anyone.

What it is:

The IEHA Boot Camp is a comprehensive, accelerated review of IEHA’s Professional Education Credentialing Program (PECP), the top credentialing and certification program for professional cleaners. Participants will be guided through the 16 individual modules included in the PECP during a two-day period. Upon completion, participants will have the opportunity to test for their Certified or Registered Executive Housekeeper designation.


Individuals who participate in the PECP Boot Camp will be able to immediately apply newly learned skills, ask questions, reference real‐world examples and institute proven best‐practices. This has a positive outcome for the individual, their peers and the facilities they represent. A one‐year membership with IEHA is included for continued educational and professional support. IEHA has a proven record of more than 85 years in providing top‐notch education and member support programs.


The PECP course curriculum includes:


  • Module I: Management Philosophy & Style: By analyzing the fundamental principles of business and the current business climate, this module enables the student to develop a personal management philosophy and understanding of his or her organization’s culture.


  • Module II: Communication: This module develops attitudes, skills, and knowledge that enable the student to communicate effectively interpersonally, in groups, and in writing.


  • Module III: Planning & Organizing: This course provides tools for planning and control that enable the student to manage labor, budgets, and materials effectively within his or her organization.


  • Module IV: Staffing & Staff Development: This course develops awareness of human behavior patterns, motivation, and law so the student has knowledge to select and motivate employees in a way that mutually benefits personnel and the organization.


  • Module V: Continuous Improvement: This module enables the student to draw upon basic management skills and blend them with advanced management principles to bring about understanding of concepts of continuous improvement.


  • Module I: Housekeeping Techniques: This module provides an overview on how to manage, organize, and maintain an efficient housekeeping department.  


  • Module II: Work Controls: This module focuses on the labor components of productivity and provides management tools to achieve productivity enhancements.


  • Module III: Pest Control: This course outlines common features and types of damage related to pest infestations, as well as methods for controlling, including pesticides. Also provides information on compliance with federal regulations and how to choose and use the proper equipment.


  • Module IV: Chemical Controls: This course includes the use of detergents, germicides, pesticides, floor chemicals, specialty cleaners, and polishes. It also provides an introduction to chemistry for the non‐chemist, chemical safety, and a review of federal regulations on chemicals in the workplace.


  • Module V: Waste Management: This module provides information on how to handle waste stream in an effective and efficient manner, as well as waste regulations.  


  • Module VI: Purchasing: This module helps in purchasing quality products through pricing, vendor relationships, negotiation, purchasing law, and management.


  • Module VII: Accounting & Budgets: This course outlines principles, concepts, and accounting processes, as well as inventory processes and budgetary planning.


  • Module VIII: Microbiology: This course outlines an effective infection control program and a working knowledge of microbiology principles.


  • Module IX: Safety & Security: This course outlines OSHA regulations, inspection, penalties, and compliance. It is also an introduction to specific training techniques involving safe handling of chemicals and bloodborne pathogens, as well as general safety and security for the premises.


  • Module X: Interiors: This module covers designing interior environments for all types of facilities. It contains a history of interior design, the elements of principle design, use of color and textiles, appropriate furniture choices, a master plan, and housekeeping considerations.


  • Module XI: Laundry & Linen: This course covers the basic functions of a laundry and linen service. Knowledge of textiles, chemicals, mechanics, quality control, and federal, state, and local regulations are gained.



Why you should attend:


  • You’ll learn strategies for becoming a better communicator and manager
  • You’ll leave with a better understanding of the science behind cleaning, along with best practices for cleaning
  • You’ll be in a better position for a promotion or raise*
  • You’ll have a chance to network with other individuals in your area who are looking to achieve similar professional goals


*IEHA’s annual Salary Survey consistently reveals that people who are certified earn more money and have a greater chance of being recognized for a promotion. 


*Please note that all participants must review the full PECP prior to attending the Boot Camp, as this is intended to be a comprehensive review session and will not review all material in every module. You will be tested on all the material included in the PECP.


If you’ve always wanted to earn your designation but couldn’t find the time, this is the event for you. You can become certified in just two days!


Registration Details:


Enlistment in the PECP Boot Camp Includes:

  • Professional Education Credentialing Program (PECP) online module series
  • Professional instruction
  • The option to test the for designation of either Certified or Registered Environmental Service Executive
  • On‐going professional and educational support
  • One year of membership to IEHA
  • Access to Unify—an online resource library and member-based forum
  • Subscription to Cleaning and Maintenance Management, ISSA Today, an online news and resource center for the latest information related to the professional cleaning industry.
  • Local and national networking opportunities



Non-Member: $1,895.00

Member: $1,795.00


Group Rates:

Non-Member: $1,695.00/attendee with special pricing for companies with 5 or more attendees.

Member: $1,595.00/attendee with special pricing for companies with 5 or more attendees.


Requirements: All participants are required to complete a registration form, sign an honor code statement, provide a copy of their government ID and complete the prerequisite course before starting the CESE/RESE course. Each individual will be required to submit proof of high school graduation (or equivalent) or proof of a college degree prior to enrollment in the course. All participants must provide a Physical address and e‐mail address for correspondence and delivery of potential certificates earned. Participants with a Masters Degree or higher will be exempt from taking IEHA’s prerequisite course (CESS). Any participant with a GED, High School Diploma, Associates Degree or Bachelors degree are required to successfully pass the Certified Environmental Services Specialist Program. The cost is $299.00 per participant.   



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