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IEHA Sustainability Professional Boot Camp- Fairfield California

Where: TBA

When:  July 31st, 2019

Wednesday July 31, 2019 8:00am-5:30pm PDT 


The three modules, designed first for Environmental Services personnel, are:


Module 1: The Sustainability Advantage

Synopsis: Why sustainability is the right thing to do, and why it is important to Environmental Services Executives and their employers from an environmental, personal, career and business perspective.


Module 2: Making a Business Case for Sustainability

Synopsis: How to establish the actual ROI of sustainability in health care facilities; thus providing a fiduciary incentive to go green by protecting the business interests of IEHA-member employers. This module includes action strategies to assist with early ROI.


Module 3: Selling Sustainability to Stakeholders

Synopsis:  Examples of persuasive language, charts, and graphics to convince stakeholders – both upper management and line workers – of the huge value of sustainability initiatives within the Environmental Services department. To registration please contact IEHA at 847-982-3471 or email excel@ieha.org

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