No Rest for the Weary in "Naptown:" 13 Graduate Indianapolis Boot Camp

By EHT Staff

They call Indianapolis "Naptown" because it has a reputation for not being such an exciting place, but that wasn't the case for the 13 people who successfully completed their Certification at the latest stop in IEHA's 2017 Boot Camp Road Show.

 Congratulations to the following individuals in that group:

Robert Dominguez, CEH, Custodial Supervisor at AHTNA Facility Services, Inc.

Patty Smith, CEH, Area Facilities Supervisor, Huntsville City Schools

Richard Carter, CEH, Director of Environmental Services, Community Howard Regional Health

Jacqueline L. Peauler, CEH, Relief Supervisor, Community Hospital Anderson

Lisa L. Johnson, CEH, Relief Supervisor, Community Hospital Anderson

Andrew Hughes, CEH, EVS Manager, St. Francis Hospital

Edith Meraz (formerly Garcia), CEH, Laundry and Linen Supervisor, Franciscan Health Indianapolis

Connie Cash, CEH, Supervisor, Witham Health Services

Jennifer Hindman, REH, VP of Operations, Community Howard Regional Health

Elena Mitu (formerly Weathers), REH, Manager, Franciscan Health Indianapolis

Glennella Williams, REH, Operations Manager, Eskenazi Health

Eric Ballance, REH, Operations Manager, Eskenazi Health

Greg Howard, REH, EVS Manager, Eskenazi Health

We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing where your careers take you!


No Rest for the Weary in "Naptown:" 13 Graduate Indianapolis Boot Camp:  Published on March 22nd, 2017.  Last Modified on March 22nd, 2017

Comment by:
Zainudeen Popoola Aromire, Mesre, A.c.t., Ice-t

5 years ago (March 22nd, 2017 at 2:28pm)

1 Person thanked Zainudeen

Congratulations to all the new graduates. I will also like to use this medium to thank all the IEHA leadership, all the office staff that have dedicated their time, energy and resources to provide this opportunity for our members. The new paradigm of taking the education on the road is a wonderful idea and a good promotion for our wonderful and enviable organization. I am asking all the new graduates to help our organization by telling their friends and families to sign up for the next boot camp at a city new you. Remember 86 years ago when the beautiful ladies started this organization they said education is the cornerstone for the success of this organization. I thank them for their vision. Zainudeen Popoola, REH. A.C.T, ICE-T.


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